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11/12 lunch always.
with Jaaaydee, Raeboo, Dino Dee, Beefnugget, Dianerrs, Rawsalind, and Trina Chezka!
forever; even though we don't have 11/12 lunch anymore we'll never grow apart.
"THE SPOT"; in the front of school, near the auditorium.
it's where we share stories, inside jokes, secrets, & fooood.
hanging in school, at lakeshore, & afterschool.
laughing, crying, happiness. yeaah, we've been through it ALL.
trying to do homework before class starts.
running to class before we're late, since we were at lakeshore too long.
spending the next three years together(=
Raeboo: "Ayeee, let's kick it with the Lunch Crew "

Rawsalind: "We need studio pictures with the Lunch Crew "

Dino Dee: "OK, i'll meet you at The Spot"

Dianerss: "We gotta promise that the Lunch Crew will never drift apart" *then we all hold hands together

Beefnugget: " I love you guys<3"

Jaaaydee: "Maaan, i wish i had something to say about The Lucnch Crew. . . "

Trina Chezka: "Where"s diana, jasmine, dino, rosalind, rachel, & tina at ?!?!"
by The Lunch Crew always&forever August 31, 2008
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