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A mythical creature that spends most of his time drunkenly pounding Silver Shirt.
The Luke again brought Silver Shirt to pound town.
by LuTrev January 18, 2011
the Lukes : Hanging out with your online boys. Relationships form over the years and you just need a name sometimes.
Her: where the hell did you hear that?
Yourself: the Lukes,

What were you up to last night dude?
Ohh I was just hanging out with the Lukes
by Alasliasolonik October 06, 2010
when a male hides to wait for an approaching victim(vunrable female and/or baby.he leaps out and stabs a clean hole in the back of the neck,using an lubed ice pick.he drags the person away and penetrates the wound right through to the mouth,then cums.then he proceeeds to cut off her boobiesand put them on his head and jiggles around.then he cuts out the organs of the victim and proceeds to penetrate the holes which he can find amongst the organs,then he runs away.
i totally owned your sister last night by pulling out "the luke".her organs gave me a wopper orgasm
by whosrandel May 18, 2007
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