A Theking is a synonym for trolling and fail. The term is widely used in irc to described a situation that has turned to the poofer.
Person 1: Hey man, I heard you pulled a Theking and got raided by the fbi
Person 2: Yeah man. They seized my hard drives and found my loli.
by SexyNexy March 01, 2009
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A man dressed as a king that breaks into your house at night and gets into your bed. When you wake up he will be in your bed with you to offer you breakfast.
Dude I woke up with the king today!
by tehmarioman November 30, 2005
Mascot for Burger King. Appears on many Burger King commercials and tends to be very random. Does some pretty funny shit.
the king has a huge wang.
by davidbrookstone November 13, 2005
The guy who sits on his ship wondering what's for dinner because he thinks he's going to die.
The King: "Enough! My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner."
by sapphire.lombardi June 07, 2009
rules hyrule and thinks dinner is what all true warriors strive for. he makes link defeat gannon becuase he is to weak to do so himself. he is also the father of zealda (the princess of hyrule)
Link: gee it sure is borning around here

The King: moi boi this dinner is what all true warrior strive for
by jomod July 09, 2009
An individual, often a male, who has achieved a high level of fame and notoriety through a small demographic, such as a high school. Often is a star athlete with a flawless complexion.
Sid: Man, CJ is so popular and he fucks all the fine girls with big titties.

Max: What do you expect? He's The King.

Ryan: Fuck Yeah Son!!
by Masstillo July 20, 2008
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