A synth-rock band from Las Vegas, that plays awesomee songs; the lead singer is Brandon Flowers and their debut album is Hot Fuss, an incredible album that will become your favorite sooner or later.
Brandon: I told you I can't fit the whole mic in my mouth!!
Brandon: Ummmm guys... I think it's stuck....
Brandon: Hey I need some help here!!
Brandon: ....this microphone tastes funny...
by LuEd July 22, 2005
a kick ass band that has the kick ass songs and that everyone will soon worship and i am a control freak and will take over the world with the killers music and everyone will worship me because i play the killers
"Im comin out of my cage and ive been doin just fine...."
by whogivesafuck February 24, 2005
The Killers are an Indie Rock, Alternative Rock band that based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are very talented. And they formed in 2001. Their first album (2003) "Hot Fuss" took the world by a storm, especially with the song "Mr. Brightside", "Somebody Told Me", and "Smile Like you Mean it". In 2006, they returned with another kick-ass album, "Sam's Town". In 2008, they continued with another album "Day & Age". And in 2011 they created, yet again another album "Battle Born". All albums are fantastic, and bring back a bit of 80's rock. Unlike most artists, The Killers actually write their OWN songs. The Killers continue to make more albums, and do great work. Most people would consider The Killers "Unoriginal shit from MTV." But, let me reassure you The Killers are amazing. They bring back the good ol' rock we all love, instead of that crappy pop stuff that people call "music". Also, most of The Killers song's have an inner meaning to them, mostly things that have happened to the band members in the past. This band is amazing, and hopefully they'll keep making new songs and albums!
Person 1: Hey, have you heard of The Killers?

Person 2: Oh yeah, they're great!

Person 1: Yeah no kidding! Miss Atomic Bomb is a great song!

Person 2: Yeah! I can't believe that some people actually think their music sucks.


Person 2: *Face palm*

by LimeWire_Must_Taste_Good. March 28, 2013
Real name: Martin Devillers
Nationality: Dutch
Born: 8 March 1986
A legendary figure in several popular online games. Most popular for playing an important role in several official Unreal Tournament leagues.
Also widely known for his satirical Flash animations
Although he has hopped from game to game through his prime, one game has always remained a special place in his heart; Infantry(GAME)
The nickname was referred from his last name which actually means 'the killer', when pronounced wrong, in Dutch. His last name is actually French and as such should be pronounced that way.
All your base are belong to TK
by Black Shadow January 11, 2005
Only the Best Band of the 2000's...and for all you little ass fucks (sorry freddie) that don't like them...why don't you go shove your fist down your throat and choke on it. Thank You.Now with that out of the way...I am a killers fan and I can name for you pretty much every song of theirs excluding a few covers. For your information I didn't see the killers on MTV I heard them when my friend put their songs on my Mp3 player.
Person #1 What are you listening to?
Person #2 The Killers
Person #1 Ewww...why are you listening to that shit?I like Fall Out Boy.
Person #2 <blinks> <throws drink in Person #1's face> And that's what I think of your precious Fall Out Boy...Idiot!
by brandons_kittykat March 12, 2007
Ghost faced serial killer and star of the Scream films. Specialises in falling over furniture, using his hands-free kit and playing music at unsociable volumes.
Help, it's The Killer!
by Chris March 26, 2003
Cool, Former IMMORTAL of The GTASB on www.gamefaqs.com
by Iain August 17, 2003

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