A rock band formed in 2002 which has four popular studio albums: Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, Sawdust, and Day&Age.
Guy #1: Dude, isn't Hot Fuss one of the Greatest albums ever?

Guy #2: Yeah, The Killers are also the greatest band ever!
by Kick ass 630 June 25, 2010
the killers have one of the greatest debut albums ever, and their songs never cease to be fresh and original. the guy above me has no idea what he is talking about, im a huge killers fan yet i can name all of their songs and have 4-6 songs of theirs that i like over sombody told me. I like all types of music, and im not just looking for "indie cred".
It is ia pity that people dont listen to the killers just because they play them on MTV.
by Bob April 01, 2005
MR.FLOWERS sings delicous lyrics.david plays the sexy guitar.mark plays the funky bass.and ronnie plays the fantastic drums.go kids go run into the darkness of fun.play that kick ass music till the sun goes down.then well turn on a light so you can keep playing.yes
"Iv got soul but im not a soldier."
by babypetersmama June 21, 2004
Cleaner living 'rock stars', they are an amazing band with poetic lyrics and amazing instrument playing on the parts of sirs Vanucci, Stoermer, Keuning and Flowers.
Had/have loyal underground following, but achieved recent mainstream success with Somebody Told Me and Mr Brightside.

Described more than once as "The Next U2".
"I took my baby's breath beneath the chandelier
of stars and atmosphere
and watched her disappear
into the midnight show"
by mel March 16, 2005
really great music that has unfortunatley been on trl and now all the girlzzzzzz totally want to bang the lead singer cause OmG he'zzzzzzz soooooooo caaauuuteee!!
teen girl: i soo love the killers... does this mean im cool now and can wear a white belt and become a scenester.
teen friend: yea totally... now we actually have to listen to the music LoL!!
by val January 31, 2005
a cool group that has unfortunately taken steps towards the dark side. (aka MTV)
get away from "music" television.
by Adrian January 26, 2005
not from the UK. they're from fucking vegas guys. and they rock.
"the killers are almost as killer as spin magazine"
by sarah April 21, 2005
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