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Taking a fat dump. Usually refers to a dump that is explosive, or runny. Noise and a deep senses of accomplishment and refreshment often accompany a Jane Fonda.
-"Dude! It smells in the bathroom!"
-"Oh, sorry man. I just did the Jane Fonda."

"Man, that IU student totally smells like he did the Jane Fonda in his pants!"
by sdaddy84 March 26, 2008
When a guy sits on his hand with his thumb up his ass while beating off. Then when his hand goes numb he switches and uses the numb hand to bust a nut.

Similar to the "stranger" with a little bit of prostate stimulation.

Requires a tremendous amount of coordination and endurance and is a true accomplishment if completed.
Did you see Lon the other night doin The Jane Fonda?

Ya what an accomplishment he's the man.
by Dustin321 February 12, 2009