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The unfortunate stain left on a carpet when someone attempts to enter a room where two lovers are going for it like good 'uns... and coitus is suddenly interrupted at the critical moment.
Jo: "Ewwww... the J-spot isn't drying up at all."

Nap: *shame faced* "Sorry honey."

Jo: "Don't be, one day we will look back and laugh."

Nap: "Yeah? Ya reckon?"

Jo: "Hmmm... we'll see... darn those lil love stains to Hull!"
by Nap August 04, 2004
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The flyest, most hardcore G in tha whole A.Y. One sick-ass mofo who's straight up down wit tha thug life and reps his hood old-skool. Universally renowned for his awesomeness.
Damn, that J-Spot has some fresh moves! Shazam!
by psychedelics January 11, 2005
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