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An Indie/Rock band from Illinois. The band consists of four people,
Bob - Guitar/Vocals
Greta - Piano/Guitar/Vocals
Darren - Drums/Vocals
Chris - Bass/Vocals

Under Fueled By Raman/Decaydance Records and By far, has two albums. So Sudden and Like Vines.
Dude, The Hush Sound is the best Indie band ever!
by robinyah July 20, 2006
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New Indie band from chicago, produced by patrick stump from fall out boy. great band with an alternative style. they have two very talented lead singers, and have some great songs out! check them out!
The Hush Sound's first hit song was "crawling toward the sun" off of their albumn, So Sudden.
by klide August 08, 2006
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A great band from Chicago, that consists of 4 members including the lovely Greta who's the pianist and singer, they are described as a pop, folk, rock band.
I went and saw The Hush Sound last night, they were supporting Fall Out Boy
by Aeroloveriam May 31, 2006
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An indie band from Chicago, The Hush Sound have been critically praised for having intricate layering of instruments and genres. Unfortunately, the band has so far failed to achive a large fan-base, and have had to go on a hiatus.
The Hush Sound are performing at Zydeco Theater tonight!
by tjprice33 November 01, 2009
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best band on the fueled by ramen label TBQH
"OMG The Hush Sound's new CD Goodbye Blues Rocks my face off!! I can't wait to see them on HCT!"
by lord muffin March 19, 2008
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