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The Hunt is a game which involves two types of people: hunters and bunnies. The rules are basic: the bunnies need to travel on foot, from self-chosen checkpoint to checkpoint and so on, according to a map; the hunters need to find and eliminate them by taking a picture of them. The bunnies may choose their own route to walk in a 360 degree making it hard for the hunters to find them. The bunnies get points for every checkpoint they manage to find. The hunters get points for every bunny-team they find. At every checkpoint and a set time, the bunnies need to communicate their GPS-location, making life a bit easier for the hunters.
Hunter: "The hunt is on!"
Bunny: "Quickly into this random backyard, keep low!"
Local: "You get of my property! Unleash the hounds!"
Forester: "What is going on here!? I am going to start giving fines to every paramilitary looking bastard I run into!"
Hunter: "This is to much, lets go to the McDonalds."
by De Rosser February 18, 2014

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