A retarted phrase that the Fonz, from happy days, used in a public service annoucment. it is supposed to protect you from getting ass raped
if your an inmate dont use the honk it wont help
by Johnny Table November 28, 2006
Top Definition
People of elite status by personal achievements or experiences
Jack:Kevin I heard you're a part of The Honks congratulations

Kevin:Yea thanks I finally became one

Jack:How can I become a Honk?

Kevin:I'm not sure but it's gotta be something impressive
by Yahonk December 16, 2013
The uncontrollable, irresistible urge to squeeze a woman's breasts.
Woman: Excuse me!! Did you just squeeze my breast?!
Man: Sorry love, I have a bad case of the honks!!
by Dr Know Honks October 10, 2012
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