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As in H.I.V.; one step closer to AIDS.
Vagiquita, I got the 'HIV' in my belly and I's ain't lyin'.

Ohhhh, Shaniqua, you's a nasty niggah. Stop triflin', niggah. Shoot.
by Chuck Alan Poindexter November 12, 2004
62 26
a comical way to describe H.I.V.
i aint gettin with that girl, she's probably got the hiv.
by alga February 11, 2007
55 14
syn h.i.v. ,
That dude's got the 'hiv'
by Joe March 12, 2003
25 15
Used to describe any type of illness (i.e. cold, flu, etc.) but not the actual H.I.V.

Rhymes with olive.
Steven-O: Uh-oh... I think I've got 'the hiv'. Guess I better call out sick from work tomorrow.
by Steven-O December 31, 2009
7 10