As in H.I.V.; one step closer to AIDS.
Vagiquita, I got the 'HIV' in my belly and I's ain't lyin'.

Ohhhh, Shaniqua, you's a nasty niggah. Stop triflin', niggah. Shoot.
by Chuck Alan Poindexter November 12, 2004
Top Definition
a comical way to describe H.I.V.
i aint gettin with that girl, she's probably got the hiv.
by alga February 11, 2007
syn h.i.v. ,
That dude's got the 'hiv'
by Joe March 12, 2003
Used to describe any type of illness (i.e. cold, flu, etc.) but not the actual H.I.V.

Rhymes with olive.
Steven-O: Uh-oh... I think I've got 'the hiv'. Guess I better call out sick from work tomorrow.
by Steven-O December 31, 2009

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