a few towns at the eastern end of long island. QUOGUE is not THE HAMPTONS nor even close.
east hampton south hampton hamptonbays westhampton bridgehampton are the hamptons.
alot of celebrities own houses here, but locals are just middle class people trying to get by, hardly.
omg your going to the hamptons?
p diddys having a parting in the hamptons??
by awesomelocal394 December 28, 2007
Well..back in 2002-2003 there was an R&B group called the The Hamptons and they had a hit song called "My Jacket" and it was there only video and song because they wanted to finish high school then finish there music....I FELL IN LOVE WIT LIL CHRIS....and there names are Lil Chris, Mario, Contrell.
The Chorus Of The Song by The Hamptons "My Jacket"

you can wear my jacket
(to let them know you're mine)
Hold my hand girl,
(you know I ain't ashamed)
to know what love is,
(but I gotta feel this way)
You're the one hey hey, you're the one
by Shavesha February 06, 2008
A place on Eastern Long Island where alot of rich people live. The Hamptons inculde: East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Southampton, Water Mill, Amagansett, Sagaponack. Usually every celebrity has a house in the Hamptons and visits there in the summer time. The coolest place on the earth!!!
Like o my god' im in the hamptons! where are you?

Lets go out to the hamptons!! yay
by I Live There May 28, 2005
a place were white rich ppl show off all there money, play golf,make sex videos,and show off all there money.
britney and kevin,rich ppl,golfers,paris hilton(we all seen her),white ppl.all love to stay at the hamptons
by br_ronaldinho10 May 13, 2006
An overrated, middle-class community on the eastern tip of Long Island, full of shuttered xenophobes who dislike anyone who's not "local" and have a particular disdain for City residents who vacation there in the summer. They think that dealing with "cidiots" each summer is bad? Try dealing with troublemaking Long Island trash every WEEKEND. At least New Jersey and Westchester kids are reasonably well-behaved.
If someone is acting up in the bar or club I'm in, there's an 85% chance that he's from the suburbs.

If he's from the suburbs, there's a 60% chance that he's from Long Island.

If he's from Long Island, there's a 100% chance that he's a lidiot.
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005
A disgrace to the wealthy in society. It disgusts me how corporate executives and celebrities think they are so smooth because they venture to the hamptons during the summer. The hamptons is the welfare section of long island. If i hear one more obnoxious "Are you going to the Hampton Classic (equestrian show)," I don't know what I will do. It is sickening how city residents think their fliness factor is drastically increased simply from their owning a home in the poor hamptons. Enough of the hamptons. Someone owning a house there is no better than owning a cardboard box on Fifth Ave. You're impressing no one. hamptons=homeless
This place is disgusting me too much I have to go now.
Mr. Fly: Where are you headed?
Poor: I'm off to the hamptons.
Mr. Fly: I know welfare doesn't provide much, but i'll work harder so you can move out of your hamptons shack.
by Wealthy August 29, 2006

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