The grove is a part of Pitman, NJ. The people that live there are known as "grovers." Grovers are meth-head scum-bags that have nothing better to do then fuck with old people & vandalize random shit. The grove is an easy place to hide from the cops in, And the Grove is also a drug filled place along with the rest of Pitman. The Grove is considered to be the crappiests part of pitman, (that's pretty shitty).
yeah dude, meet me at the front of the grove @ like 6
by Destiny1234 September 10, 2010
Top Definition
The Grove is a nickname for Stern Grove in San Francisco. It is a common party/ hang out spot for high schoolers. There is much drinking, smoking, dipping, and hooking up that happens here. Another nickname for the grove is The Garden.
Hey Bro, you want to go to the grove tonight and get waisted?
by SF Grover May 03, 2009
The Grove is a fake-European upscale shopping mall in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles]' west side, near West Hollywood (and not too far from Beverly Hills). It was built to look like a central historic district of an old Mediterranean city like Nice, but it is only five years old. It is a perfect example of "fake history" - building something new that looks like it's old while actual older parts of L.A. are left to decay. It was built next door to the Farmer's Market, a collection of shops that was one of the last landmarks of old Hollywood left. While the Farmer's Market still keeps some of its old vibe with a mixture of tourists and aging locals, the stores in the Grove are the same overpriced "designer chains" that one can find in any mall in America, and the whole place is so fake looking it's sick. The Grove has incredibly worsened traffic on the west side of L.A. particularly all the shortcuts that one could once take to get from the west side to Hollywood are all fucked up now because of the massive traffic of people going to The Grove. I for one wish that it was never built.
"It's been hard to come over to your place ever since The Grove was built, because now there's permit parking on the streets and traffic is really fucked up"
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
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