The most bad ass mother fuckers to have ever walked the face of the earth. They are usually loctaed in Scituate MA. Despite popular belief Scituate is not a ass hole town full of sluts. We are full of stoners, but due to a small amount of girls opening their legs, all girls are included in this group. The Group is a well known group in the town, and a little further out also. They are made up of different parts. There is the inner circle, also known as the brotherhood, which consists of Alex, Bubba, Cullen, Christian, Eddie, Erik, Greg, Mouse, O'Neil, Peaches, Reape, Philli the KEEEED, and Tom. Then there is the outer circle which has way to many people to count. Our main activities are smoking (things...), drinking drinks..., COD, Basketball, and alot of other things. Thats all you get to know because obviously if your reading this your not very important. Fuck you.
by jeGsOuDs June 08, 2011
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