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A professional wrestler employed with the WWE. Currently, he is affiliated with the Smackdown brand, where he became a one-time World Heavyweight Champion. However, he has also appeared on Raw and ECW. Basically, he gives wrestling a bad name. He is clumsy, retarded, and knows very few actual maneuvers. Furthermore, his mic skills and charisma are nonexistent. He achieves victory by screaming and then squeezing his opponent's head until they lose consciousness. Occasionally, he will switch it up by karate-chopping their forehead or throwing them against the mat. Hopefully, he will die.
The Great Khali is the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the next Hollywood action hero. He is as cool as John Cena, and as sexy as Batista.
by Joey Orgler 3 July 23, 2008
A wrestler in WWE who was brought in on smackdown only to bump ratings but was recently givin a whuppin by the man who he was after for a few months
Benie Babies: Were thought great & and hot shot **** for about 2 months then they were unheard. (The Great Khali, Dalip Singh)
by Brent S August 22, 2006
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