the haircut of one Ray Toro from the awesome and amazing band My chemical romance
duuuude, thats the fro over ther!!
by Maddehlynn January 07, 2008
Top Definition
The amazing hair of My Chemical Romance guitarist, Ray Toro. Recently the Fro has been tamed and flattened significantly, to the extreme displeasure of the fans. The Chemicalists believe that the Fro will detatch from its host in an MCR apocalypse (note: We are joking people!)
"The fro looks like it's eating Ray's face in this picture."
by Shriek August 19, 2007
A kid who lives in the lower east side of manhattan, known for his use of mind altering substances with little to no effect on his emotions or personality. Known also for his huge hair which made him recognizable at great distances. also goes by "Fro" "Hair" "The Afro" and as of early this year "No-Fro". A living legend. he associates himself with The COS krew. Dr. 420 and Fear. you can take the hair off the fro but you can never take the fro out of the fro.
"The Fro, dont you think weve had enough "pixie dust" for one day?"

by FearCos420 July 25, 2006
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