A great indie band from Glascow, Scotland. They are not brothers, although they go by the last name of "Fratelli" keep in mind they are not brothers.

John Lawler: Jon Fratelli
Barry Wallace: Barry Fratelli
Gordon McRory: Mince Fratelli
The Fratellis are awesome.
by india April 29, 2007
Top Definition
A super awesome rock band from the city of Glasgow, in Scotland. Made up of the three brothers Jon, Mince, and Barry Fratelli.
Their album, Costello Music is really good. Check out the songs Flathead (featured in an iPod commercial), Henrietta, Chelsea Dagger, Creepin' Up the Backstairs, and more. Pretty much all of the songs are great. This band is different, which makes it really cool.
If you're in the mood for a rock band that's not like all the other boring bands out there today, check out The Fratellis, and their album Costello Music.
You won't be dissapointed!
by ericacatlover April 01, 2007
A band, a very awesome, indie band from the coolest place on earth in which i have never been to, Glasgow. They sing songs about stoners, chelseas, cinderella, henriettas, etc. their songs always seem to incorporate "la la la la la la la la's" (for the girl), "ba da bap badadadda's" and "dooh dooh dooh doo's".
they are still "indie" in the U.S. of A, but had a sudden uproar of "uncool" people liking them after the fratellis ipod commercial. and, it also seems young, weird kids like them after all the times chelsea dagger has been used for animated movies (which is rather odd, because if you look at the lyrics, they are VERY suggestive, as with all their songs ;))
so, here are some ways to tell if they are a true fratellis fan.
person #1 and #2

1: hey! you know that awesome band, the fratellis?
2: Yeah! i heard their song flathead on a commercial once, it was HAWT.
1: Ewww, god no, how big have they gotten that YOU like them?
2: I don't know, the only other place i've heard them was in an american eagle and on mtv!
1: *slaps head* oh my dear fratellis, have you been sucked in by crazy bad music lovers?

or example 2

1:Hey, you know that band the fratellis?
2: yeah! i love them, i know their songs chelsea dagger, flathead, henrietta, etc.
1: wow, you do know quite a lot of their songs, you must be pretty cool. who else do you like?
2: i really like bloc party and tegan and sara.
1: wow, you are cool. i know those are mainstream indies, but you still have good taste! you're awesome.
2: yeah, i owe it all to greys anatomy. they spoon feed me all these indie bands to listen to, i'm sooo cool.
1: GRRRR!!!! I HATE YOU, and GREY'S ANATOMY! why must they ruin all my favorite bands??
*Cough cough, snow patrol*
by indieindie August 22, 2007
An "indie" band from Glasgow, England. Has three members Jon, Barry and Mince Fratelli (real names John Lawler, Barry John Wallace, and Gordon McRory). Their band name coms from 'The Goonies'.
Their genre is best described as post-punk indie rock, taking cues from the post-punk 70's movement, but with a general 'indie' sound. Their songs tend to have 'lalala's, 'bada, ba bada ra ra ra's, 'dur dur dur's, etc. Many people say Jon Fratelli sounds a bit like John Lennon.
They have released several singles and an EP as well as an album 'Costello Music' in the UK, however only the Flathead EP and 'Costello Music'are available in the US.
As of November 2007, the Fratellis are working on a second album, soon to be released.
Their songs have been featured in several trailers, the movie 'Hot Fuzz', and an iPod commercial.
Person: *Turns on TV* Oh, it's another iPod commercial.
TV: *Playing 'Flathead' by the Fratellis* Still I heard you kicked the boy 'till he bled, and you stood and said oh my god till she said bada ba bada ra ra ra bada ba bada ra ra ra ra...
Person: Holy shit, I love this song! I'm gonna search it on youtube!
by { karen! March 02, 2008
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