While taking a piss and getting someone to look at your junk. It is worth 7 kicks to the ass of the observer while calling them names making them apear gay.
Chris: Dude did you just get Gerber to look at your dick?

Skyler: Yeah man I gave em the fountain!!!!!
by armyman56m October 17, 2010
Top Definition
The Fountains is a large,green, open space in the centre of Cardiff, Wales (opposite the museum). So called because there used to be flowing fountains but now the council stopped the water due to bubbles. Saturdays draw crowds of Emos, Scene kids and Metalheads from all over Wales and parts of England who all have intentions of getting laid or wasted (preferrably both). They all know eachother from Myspace, have odd piercings ,like Hello Kitty, have tattooed stars on their wrists, wear hair extensions and skinny jeans .
"Dude, are you going to The Fountains this weekend? I've got a bottle of Strongbow and a ten bag."
by laurieboo October 30, 2007
The best movie ever to be produced by a human peasant brain. Hugh Jackman gave a phenomenal performance and is a good person, one of the best I've seen if I've seen one. To put this in perspective, this movie is the equivalent of barebacking Alexis Texas (standing) while Michael Stefano films it. I highly recommend this film if you transcend and have a decent sized brain.
I committed suicide while watching the Fountain because I knew life would never be that transcending.
by gjonwg March 25, 2011
A female lays on her upperback and holds her pelvis and legs into the air. Another person then opens the lips of her vagina and pours diet coke and then drops mentos into the diet coke filled vagina. A reaction occurs causing the soda to erupt out of the woman's vagina.
Last night I preformed The Fountain on Sally. I poured like half a liter into her snatch and then threw a few mentos in there and she shot the soda all over my ceiling!
by The Mutton Man August 21, 2010
An action as to stand a girl on her head with legs open. A funnel is then inserted into the anus with the intention of two guys urinate into the funnel.
Shit Andrew you'll never guess what I did, I performed the fountain on that bitch yesterday!
by Dr. Assplow April 03, 2009
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