Sexual act in which the male inserts his thumbs into a woman's asshole and says "aeeeee" as if he were The Fonz.
Albert gave me "The Fonz" last night, my asshole still hurts.
by Juanito Jones February 22, 2009
An adjective used to describe something of the highest quality
"Yo, homey, that shit is the Fonz!"
by dutchovenmaster March 19, 2003
Much like the Dino Spumoni, The Fonz is when you catch two people off guard and shove both of your thumbs up the said persons rectums and shout "Aaaay!"
"Kathleen and I were talking in the common room when Mike came out of no where and got us with "The Fonz" I have a restraining order against him."
by Brian Conway January 21, 2009
With two standing girls poised asses inward, a central guy throws both his arms outward and inserts one thumb per anus. "Aaaayyyy! You just got humiliated!"

Last weekend Dan was one freak short of a Fonz-fest. Aaaaay, maybe next time, buddy. But even The Fonz would wash his hands before eating.
by SKlebfosho September 10, 2006
When a person inserts both thumbs into the anus of another person... and says "Ayyy".
Kevin will never look at the show "Happy Days" the same after Ashley gave him The Fonz.
by Blazed Beauty August 06, 2006
Max's dad. Very cool guy.

Famous for his acting role in "Happy Days". He's also a director & producer (credits include "Cop and a Half", "MacGyver", and the TV series of "Clueless").
<at a screening of a student film>
some random parent: "Omigod, it's the Fonz!"
random film student: *turns around to look* "Oh yeah...that's Max's dad..."
by basementvamp May 15, 2006
My Bets Friend Will Fells That He is Teh Fonz
Me: Will u are not the fonz (as will puts on a leather jacket)
by Outcontrol May 04, 2005

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