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The Episcopal Academy, also known as a small utopia (aside from the not so attractive and soon to be relocated campus) in the Main Line of Pennsylvania, is characterized by its party goer, polo wearing and polo playing, mostly Caucasian students. When one pulls into the Episcopal Campus one would feel as if they were in a luxury car seller's finest garage. Past the cars are the flawless looking girls, 99% of whom have popped collars, play 3 sports or sport north face fleeces, and also have self tanning down to an art. Then the boys, who also share the north face fleece look, wear ck Bradley belts or Roca Wear sweatshirts, and are notorious for their sports, especially EA basketball- where the churchmen win the Inter Ac annually. After school hours, EA kids continue with their athletics by playing some beer pong and also taking occasional wawa trips. Contrary, to the teacher's beliefs EA kids are intelligent and tend to go to off to elite schools across the country after graduation, yet they do not always stay in these schools due to the Episcopal partier mentality. Although many EA students are trapped in an EA bubble, EA would be a lot less interesting without its very competitive rivals, Haverford (where the girls go for boys) and Agnes Irwin (where the boys go for girls they can more "easily" get with). A culmination of this rivalry can be seen on Episcopal/ Haverford Day where both schools compete for a very sacred sweater. Finally, EA kids do work hard, but party harder: they tend to crash daddy's BMW, but always get a Range Rover back in return, they are skilled at chasing a shot with a beer while people are screaming "YOU WONT" in the background- lastly, following these nights they learn to blame their morning-after sickness on food poisoning, to their main line moms and then repeat this cycle the following weekend in order to keep the EA spirit alive.
WOAH Em did you go to Palm Beach over the weekend you look so tan?
No, but I just got a new bottle of self tanner!
by an alumn March 04, 2005
The Episcopal Academy, also known as EA, is a prep school on the main line. They are also known for having one of the gayest team names ever, the Churchmen, next to the Haverford Fords and the Penncrest Faggots.
Wow The Episcopal Academy is gay.

Hey there better than Haverford.
by SHMS July 06, 2006
For some reason, EA kids tend to think very highly of themselves, despite the fact that schools like Haverford, Agnes Irwin, Baldwin and Shipley are ALL better than them at basically EVERYTHING. They did not make the popped collar popped, they are not cool, they are not wealthier. Face it, they are all gay ass new money losers like Hart from that MTV bull shit show.
"that kid's a loser"
"oh that's hart from tv and his EA friends, he must have bought them all their clothes to hang out with him"
by Kyle March 21, 2005
if you want to see a fag from that school, go to ricky brooman
EA kids just can't compete with us Fords.
by ford pride March 12, 2005