an upscale of cankles
no change in leg size from thigh to feet.
She can't run, because she has theet.
by frankfiredawg November 17, 2008
Top Definition
When two closely associated males (best friends) occupy a single, double bed, hotel room with two female counterparts. During which time they engage in sex utilizing the position, commonly known as, "The Cowgirl". Just before climax the two said males turn toward one another and extend their Index fingers. While maintaining eye contact the two males touch the tips of their fingers and maintain contact throughout orgasm.
"The girls were really pissed because we did The E.T. last night. They said it was gay, but it's totally not!"
by MosleyForce May 08, 2010
When a man puts the index finger of one hand inside a womans vagiuna, and the index finger of the other hand in to her arse hole and trys to get the two to touch
i gave grace the ET last night, she was loving it and squirted all over the place
by nash0123 March 22, 2007
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