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A series of stages that must be explained to all your friends before using in order to save your ass by reminding them.
In regards to taking a drink from an informed friend

Sip- enough to get the taste on your lips
Swig - enough to get the taste on your tongue
Swiggle-More than a swig because it has more letters
Drink- half of the drink if possible in one drink {Dick Move}
Let me get that- The whole drink if you can chug it {Dick Move}
{Friend says}"Hey Let me get that" {unsuspecting friend says} "sure" {and hands over beverage} {Friend then Chugs drink} {Unsuspecting Friend is pissed off and says} "What the Hell!" {Friend says} " Dont get mad i told you the drink stages remember"
by ShaneO717 August 14, 2009
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