When texting/instant messaging with another person usually a girl and the sender sends a message thats either perverted or a message that the reciever of the message does not agree with religiously, morally, or thinks is just plain gross and in return replies with a number of periods.
John: (Do you swallow?)

Jessica: (...)

Jacob: what happened bro?

John: she gave me the dots man.
by B0N6W4T3R December 29, 2011
Top Definition
Slang for Toronto, Ontario.
From The Dot to VanCity, all those Canadian girls are pretty.
by Sahara April 02, 2005
Nickname for Dorchester, neighborhood in Boston
Dont wander around The Dot alone at night!
by Jake March 31, 2005
When a girl has her period.
Girl: Can't Fuck
Guy: Why
Girl: I'm on the dot ....
by Masy337 April 27, 2016
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