A nickname for Dominik Hasek. Chicago Blackhawks' 10th round choice ( 199th overall) in the 1983 NHL Entry Draft.
The Dominator? More like the The Flopinator, oh snap!
#dominator #dominik #hasek #nhl #goalie
by Deconus January 22, 2008
Top Definition
A sexy-ass Italian stud who is the master , the top dawg, the party animal, never back down from a challenge, and the main attraction week-in and week-out.
The Dominator is always willing to holla at gurls
The Dominator is the king of drinking
The Dominator is the sexiest Italian alive
#dominator #drinking #king #challenge #attraction
by SHS22 March 23, 2011
a complex sexual move
oh man, he's performing the dominator on her!
by Branden October 26, 2003
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