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The Dear Hunter is the name of an excellent New England-based progressive rock/indie band.

The Dear Hunter formed when former member of The Receiving End of Sirens, Casey Crescenzo, started the project after the band split up. As a member of TREoS, he yearned for a more experimental side of music that could not be satisfied due to the more straightforward songwriting style his bandmates were accustomed to. Shortly after the release of the album "Between the Heart and the Synapse", TREoS broke up. With his experimentalist musical ambitions in mind, Casey formed a new band under the name of "The Dear Hunter". With his new project, Casey began painting a tragic story of innocence and its corruption, all throughout a series of albums released as "Acts", with six acts total.

These acts are arranged chronologically, following the events that trail the main character, nicknamed "The Dear Hunter", a wordplay that foreshadows key events in the story. Born unto a prostitute mother, the innocent Dear Hunter struggles with the bitter horrors of sobering reality, encountering the horrors of humanity as his innocence withers away. The trouble began, but it never ended.

The result is a beautiful and musically enthralling masterpiece. I would highly encourage and recommend anyone who is an avid fan of music to pick up "Act I: The Lake South, The River North" by The Dear Hunter and go from there. Such a fantastic band deserves your attention.
"I can't wait to pick up the latest Act by the Dear Hunter! I'm sure this one will be even better than the last!"
by Spoont June 17, 2009
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