Overrated piece of shit. It was a good film but little kids saying "Why so serious?" ruined it for me. Jack Nicholson>Heath Ledger. Ironman>The Dark Knight.
John: Hey alex, "Why so serious?"
Alex: You're a fucking tool. The Dark Knight is an overrated, overhyped movie for tools like you to cream their pants over.
by Alex is the best August 15, 2008
completly overrated movie that didnt deserve 4 stars. ive seen 4 star movies before and this isnt a 4 star movie. how sad.
why the hell is it called "the dark knight" anyway? shouldnt that be like, the name to a movie about knights and dragons?
by MikeTazer August 08, 2008
Is an extremely overrated 2008 Film starring christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

The film is a sequel to batman begins. It is also going to be the highest grossing film ever, only because everyone feels bad about Ledger being dead and that they feel that he did such a great job portraying the joker, when in truth many actors could have performed equally.
So the old cum farts at the academy will bow to the millions of brainless fanboys' wishes and give the oscar for best supporting actor to Heath ledger's corpse.

It will happen, just wait and see.
(Theatre showing The Dark Knight...)
Gay 13-year-old fanboy: OMG! OMG! LEDGER IS TEH BEST DEAD AKTOR EVAR! ohhh.... *fap fap fap*
Heath ledger's ghost: wow...commiting suicide was a good idea afterall.
by Suck Balls To All Yalls July 22, 2008

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