A recently founded Cult based in California but rapidly gainaing ground elsewhere, the mission of the Cult is to spread the Word of Vince and enlighten the world to the Shamwow, the only shammy that works wet or dry
Vince Offer: You know the Germans allways make good stuff

The Cult of ShamWow members: Sham-Heil!
by Prophet of Vince June 03, 2009
Top Definition
A religous cult Created in 2008 By Black Steve. Its religous Teachings consist of worshiping Vince Offer, shamwow spokeman, an greeting people with the phrase "Sham-Heil" and saluting by making a fist over your heart and then a Counter-clockwise scrubbing motion in the air(Bily Mays Cultist Use a Thumbs up Salute similar to this one). They are based in Chula Vista California. All members hate Bily Mays.
Billy Mays: "The Cult of Shamwow" is to Strong for us.

by Billy Mayson March 10, 2009
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