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The creek or stream near a neighborhood that little kids play in and/or teens do drugs in. You will seldom find adults in by the creek. Often times there will be some woods surrounding it and maybe a path formed from people walking there. Many times there will be trash thrown in or around the river, from old Sega Genisis to candy wrappers.
Young Kid - "Hey Jake, let's go down to the creek and play Truth or Dare? with Jessica!"

"There's a shortcut by the creek"

Teen - "Hey Jake, let's go down to the creek and try some of this pot I got from this guy I know."
by master stghm May 03, 2005
southwest bakersfield, ca, properly known as silvercreek and/or stonecreek.
ayy i heard there's a party out in the creek.
by bonesisaddicted July 07, 2009