1: A biker gang from the movie AKIRA.
2: The Insane Clown Posse.
3: A term used by a victim of a group of elitist bastards who specifically hates that one victim.
1: "Someone's coming. Maybe it's Kaneda. No! IT'S THE CLOWNS!!" as said by Kaori in AKIRA.
2:Eminem is not "down with the Clowns"
3:The Clowns in 3rd period wouldn't let me play Worms World Party with them anymore.
by Hand Hanzo January 15, 2005
Top Definition
Girl is giving head to guy just ready to cum. She swiftly orally amputates the tip of his penis, quickly collects escaping jizz, and smears it in his face. The crowning acheivement of this intimate act is the placement of the penis head on to his nose. Allow hilarity to insue.
The hungry girl forgot her manners and gave her one night stand the clown; he was in the ER for re-attatchment surgery for 17 hours.
by Ryanita November 02, 2006
When a guy is eating a girl's butthole in the dark and does not know that she is on her period, and as he is eating out the butthole his nose is in her vagina, when finished he comes up with a red nose like a clown.
Nick got the clown this weekend and is now called bozo.
by Straight Clownin July 10, 2008
turning your head from side to side during the act of masturbation with the aim of blowing your load into your mouth. Similar to the clowns at the fair where you place the ball in the clowns mouth.
"i totally rocked out the clown the other night when i was bored.... come on man every guys tasted their own jizz at least once!"
by M*+Ch November 02, 2011
Another word for McDonalds
I got a Big Mac at the clown today.
by Kyle230 June 25, 2009
Getting "the clown" constitutes receiving fellatio from a woman while keeping one's member unerect, thus ending the night in a tragic yet hilarious manner. Most likely performed while vacationing in Paris.
"Dude, my friend totally got the clown during March break"
"Aww... that's terrible... and sort of funny"
by lulzguyz March 23, 2008
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