Colloquialism for the area of London around Bank tube station. Lots of large international banks and law firms centre round there. So called because the area comprised the actual "City of London" administrative area."

Populated by vile overpaid tossarses for the most part.
Jasmine got a job with Linklaters, a law firm in the City. She quit soon after due to the multitudinous tosspots who worked there, braying rugby-shirted fratboys to a man.
by KHD December 05, 2005
Used to refer to the largest city in the area generally.
London is an exception, where "the City" (with a capital) is used to refer to a specific area within Central London, also known as the Square Mile. It's the main business district, basically.
US: We're going to the city tonight!
UK: Those damn City workers and their 6 figure salaries.
by notreally February 12, 2007
New York City, the one and only.
We're going to The City to see a play
by DEC February 14, 2005
New York City, most typically Manhattan; used primarily by bridge-and-tunnelers and other rednecks.
Yo, I'm going into the City tonight. Meet me at Penn Station. Later!
by Eddie Atari July 17, 2006
The City refers to Manhattan OR the five boroughs. If you live in the boroughs, then 'The City' is definately Manhattan. Outside of the boroughs, it can mean the boroughs as a whole or just Manhattan.

Remember: New York City isn't just Manhatten, it's the whole five boroughs (Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan).
Brooklyn kid 1: lets go the the city tonight.
Brooklyn kid 2: Yea, I saw something I wanted to get on 40-duce.

Out of stater 1: Lets visit the city!
Out of stater 2: I don't know, its a big place, and I hear it's expensive.

by Ichy November 18, 2005
1) what people call the big city closest to them
2) what people who live out in the country call any large town
3) A comic strip drawn by cartoonist Derf, which makes fun of the state of affairs in Cleveland, OH (AKA The City), and in the United States in general. Run mostly in altie newspapers.
1) I'm five miles outside of the city.
2) Yeah, I'm going to the city this weekend. Y'all coming?
3) I read The City this week and it rocked.
by andriod5 October 06, 2005
Term for the greatest and most spectacular city in the world.
NYC 4 life
"Whats up tonight"
"I feel like going to the city"
"I dont, traffic sucks friday nights"
by J Inn February 25, 2003
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