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obviously, many people call their respective cities "the city" but there is only one CITY: Manhattan.

Brooklyn is not the city, Queens is not the city, the Bronx is not the city & Staten Island is NOT the city.

Only Manhattan is the City.
It is the greatest city on earth.
New York City is the City.
We're going to the City tomorrow, are you coming?

She lives in the City? I thought she lived in Brooklyn.
by MACS;) August 17, 2006
93 157
The city is known as and refered to as new york city, especially in jersey, because its so close and just understod that it is THE CITY and theres none like it
Random person1: Hey where you going this weekend
Random Person2:...the city
Random person1: oh sweet...where abouts
Random person2: Madison square garden....the knicks
Random Person1: nice...theyll loose
by random February 17, 2005
19 106
Slang term for Washington D.C.;
The term people from Washington D.C. use to refer to where there from when out of town; a way to tell if people are really from D.C.
Q:Where you from?
A:The city
Q:Oh' for real,what part?
A:Northeast,Division Ave. & Jay St.
by ecd March 22, 2006
10 105
People who think Long Island is Upstate.
I guess Long Island is upstate
by Ron March 28, 2005
7 103
The opposite of Upstate, that is, the Five Boroughs of New York.
Anything beyond City Walls is Upstate, just ask any1 in Eltingville, Parkchester, or Glen Oaks
by YaNkEeSFaN161 May 26, 2005
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by Anonymous August 06, 2003
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