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Charleston SC. Also know as Chucktown, Chucktizzle, etc.
When you going back to The Chuck?
by RB Bennett March 07, 2008
"The Chuck" refers to when a man spits into his hand during sexs and uses the saliva to lubricate a woman's ass for anal sex.
Guy #1: "Hey man, see that fine ass broad over there?"
Guy #2: "Yeah, what about her?"
Guy #1: "She'd get 'The Chuck'"
by DezlPower June 01, 2003
A nickname for Lake Charles, Louisiana. Oftentimes called Lake Chuck, this is changed to the Chuck in either an affectionate or derogatory manner.
I'm headin' back to the Chuck tonight.
by lakechuckresident August 07, 2009
"The Chuck" refers to a sexual position that includes the following: (1) the sex act must occur in the back seat of an automobile; (2) the dude must remain on his knees while thrusting; (3) the dude must place ONLY ONE hand on his hip while thrusting.
Did he fuck that chick last night. Yeah, he gave her the chuck.
by billymorgan August 28, 2007
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