In poker, when you have the best hand, and somebody beats you with a lucky draw. A bad beat hand. A hand that was formerly "the nuts".
"I went all-in, but ended up with the cheeks"

"Geez, your ass must hurt!"
by wiseguy12 December 06, 2009
Top Definition
The act of giving it to a girl doggie style, pulling out, busting a load on her back, and having her turn around, swipe some cum with her hand, put it in her mouth, and swallow it.
I met this girl that is joining the peace corp at the bar last night. It was awesome. I took her back to my house and and gave her The Cheek on my roomate's bed.
by Alphonso432 April 18, 2008
Being rejected by someone. Going in for a kiss when the person turns their head so you kiss their cheek instead.
Dude: Well, I guess I got the cheek.

Friend: That's cold, bro.

Chick: He cheeked me.

Friend: He doesn't know what he's missing.
by Etana C. March 10, 2013
When a guy goes to kiss a girl on her lips, and she turns her head, and he kisses her cheek instead. A clue at the most basic, primal level that the girl is not really into the guy, but which many if not most guys miss.
Stan chuckled to himself when he saw Brianna give her boyfriend the cheek. "I have a chance!" he thought to himself.

Erin had been inviting Jason over to her apartment for study sessions. Jason was smart enough to figure he would be getting nowhere after he got the cheek one day.
by BGMan April 22, 2008
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