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one of the diseases Charlie Bucket will have if he doesn't "wrap it up"
"Dood, I think I got a raging case of The Burning."
by MikeD January 24, 2003
When a man gathers his Best bros and gathers all the stuff an ex-Girlfriend gave him and they have a ceremonial burning. Usually while this happens you tell manly stories or talk about manly topics or talk about girls.
Guy 1: Hey tonight we are having the burning
Guy 2: Who's stuff we burning?
Guy 1: Oh just my ex-girlfriends.
by Chaud Blaze June 02, 2011
the greatest rock band this side of the river chelmer!
the burning?
by Urban Zack March 05, 2004
a band that will totally owwwwwwwwwwwn your face. the totally bring the moooooosh.;p
dude, have you seen the burning yet? their bassist looks just like Charlie Buckets
by drewxxx January 24, 2003