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A common problem with body piercings. When a piercing, especially a facial piercing, becomes infected it creates a swollen bump near the opening of the hole. This bump can sometimes become inflamed, turn red, fill with pus, or just be scar tissue.

It happens so often that by saying "the bump", it will be understood what you're talking about.


insufficient cleaning of the piercing
changing the jewelery before it is healed
allergies to the metal of the jewelery
body rejecting the piercing
A: Man, I got the bump again on my nose.
B: Soak it in salt water, it'll be gone in no time.
by bleigiessen January 04, 2010
1. non-medical term for the virus known as herpes simplex.
2. HSV1 or HSV2
1. She got the bumps.
by Gran Hota / M. Nice October 25, 2007
a speed bump were anyone who is anyone smokes before/durring/after school at POB

a specified area where you have to walk realllllly fast
Have you ever been to the bump?
by the one and only becki August 09, 2009
Fit fit fit fit
i certainatly would
by Misslestah May 23, 2004
Alleged runner of certain websites, internet God and one sexy little fukker.Known to have at least 5 names on every website He goes to.
The Bump is a sexy little interweb God
by Interweb_God May 06, 2004

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