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This definition dating from the jazz age is a major street where all the action is. People would wear their sunday best when going out on the boulevard. Usually, the boulevard had fine restaurants and nightclubs on it.
Let's go out and out on the boulevard.

Life is never as good as it is on the boulevard.
by Joe Iron February 23, 2008
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What Las Vegas Boulevard is called away from The Strip area.
Lets go cruise The Boulevard, but not The Strip. All of them crazy, drunk, jaywalking tourist are a major pita .
by Vegas_Cabbie July 13, 2008
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Pretty much one of the ghettoest gangs on the street today bar none. They are usually damn good at bball.
Man dont mess wit dat nigga, i heard he part a The Boulevards.
by Boulevarder November 18, 2010
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