Me god dammn it. I am THE BOB! I even have a T-shirt saying so.
Bob Balls is The Bob.

What not?
by Bob Balls August 27, 2004
Top Definition
A term for a consultant brought into a corporate office to evaluate efficiency. This consultant is typically an omen of future downsizing and layoffs. "The Bobs" is a reference to the movie "Office Space" where two efficiency consultants named "Bob" were brought into the office.
Boss: "We've brought on a consultant to make our business more efficient. Please cooperate with Mr. Smith as he learns more about our organization. He will be interviewing some of you to find out more about what you do."

Employee: "Uh oh, looks like The Bobs are in town. I better get my resume updated!"
by dirtyqwerty November 03, 2010
A set of characters coming out of the movie "Office Space." The bobs were two men, played by Paul Willson and John C. McGinley, who came into Paul Livingston's office and interviewed people who were going to get laid of and sent to malaysia for some under-level farming work.
"Ah, I got a meeting with The Bobs."
by Biehnchan June 24, 2005
Nickname for Bank One Ballpark, located in downtown Phoenix, AZ. Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Let's go see the D-Backs play the Padres this weekend at The Bob!
by kwirk May 31, 2005
Salesman slang for an extended warranty on a purchase.
(I.e Range,refridgerator,TV etc)

So named in fear of the rath of not hitting extended warranty quotas (percentage of sales dollar volume) set by Robert (BOB) J. Wysocki.
V.P of Sales Fretter Appliance Corporation 1980-1990.
Manager to salesman:
"Did you get the bob?"

Salesman: "They said No to the BOB"
Manager: "You're Fired!"
by Mark January 18, 2004
a person that provides great HELLO'S
Man I just got THE BOB by this hot girl
by Tad Stovinsky December 22, 2003
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