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The act of bending over and revealing your asshole to someone.. by simply "mooning" them and spreading the butt checks.
I walked outside and saw mike spreading his butt checks and revealing "the black hole".
by DiabeticMike October 14, 2009
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When a male or female gets their anus plunged by cocks and then you drop an object in the anus and it appears to be non existent.
Linda Kon got her asshole fucked by 5 black guys. Then one of the guys dropped a marble down her poop-shoot and it dissappeared into the black hole.
by The Konnie December 25, 2009
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The space between the front seats in your car, and the E-Break/Shift Nob. The place where all things good in this world dissapear.
person1:"hey, looking for a place to stash that murder weapon."

person2:"yeah, ya know places are becoming harder to find these days...<_<...>_>...i, what murder weapon...*points* Look at the kitty!!!

person1:"0o0o0o0o kiiiitttyyyyy..."

person2:*stuffs it down the black hole in between the seats*

by espionage July 19, 2007
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