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What you are after waking up from days of alcohol/ substance abuse. Also a sick reggae/DnB band from Baltimore.
Timmy felt "The Big Hurt" when he woke up with a large stranger in his bed.
by Soul Survivor January 10, 2006
The original core of The Big Hurt began On Kent Island, MD in 1998. Early on, Billy Martin, Will Sutton, Tim Johnson and Frank Kanady began to fuse elements of Rock with Reggae, Funk, Acid Jazz, Ska, Punk and Dancehall with Drum-n-Bass, Go Go and Hip Hop Beats. A couple of chance responses to “musician wanted” ads brought veterans Jamie Kelley and Matt Costello to the fold and right away an amazing chemistry took form. Joe Mysko joins as keyboardist in 2007, who not only brings the most experience to the band but also gives many new directions and possibilities. The result is a sound that can be attributed to a wide variety of musical influences, improvisational skill, and a simple love for GOOD MUSIC.

taken from bighurtband dot com
The Big Hurt is the best live band EVER!!!!
by AlehandroX June 29, 2007
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