Top Definition
1. An ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend that will never leave your thoughts.
2. The one emotional relationship that you never fully get over. Often, this relationship is one you will compare new relationships to.
Sure she's pretty, but she's not as pretty as The Big Dirty was.
by MaWilliams September 04, 2010
What people call a small town named "Brantford"
the big dirty
by ssssshhhh July 20, 2011
A bar located in Waterloo Ontario, CA. More commonly known as "Phil's Grandmothers Basement". An establishment that serves cheap alcohol, while also having a rather charming aroma of vomit and B/O. One a the few first bars in Canada to adopt the "the bathroom is where ever you feel like it" mentality. A phenomenal place to meet people for the type of encounter that wont last the next morning.
Q: "Hey man what are you up to tonight?"

A: "Nothin' much just headed down to the big dirty for 1 or 9 beers."
by Phanfan February 06, 2010
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