the beatles are the greatest ever...they are so talented and i love all their songs. i seriously have never heard a beatles song that i didnt like. they were so ifuential to so many other bands too...and to all those people out tere who say they were tame and goody-goody, think again bitches!!! nobody ever hears about how insane they were in hamburg...they fucking rocked the place...they were wild...fucking awesome...
"It's not that I condone fascism or any ism for that matter. Ism's in my opinion aren't good. A person shouldn't believe in an ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon. I don't believe in Beatles I just believe in me. Good point there. After all he was the walrus."
-Ferris Bueller
by Mr. Ed March 03, 2005
One of the most pleasing sounds of the 20th century... contrary to those anti-cliche, burn-the-bandwagon sorts' beliefs, the beatles merely had a "cute", teenage-girl PHASE... they've got some pretty strange trippy stuff as well.
Who knows how the Beatles named themselves? I don't.
by The Ignorant American. June 26, 2003
A band that for some reason has been regarded as "The greatest rock band of all time." This is a false belief that is especially brought out by moden-day faggot hipsters that claim The Beatles "still influence the music culture and many other fronts of art in contemporary time." These people are usually young adults with a pretentious, smug attitude about themselves. The Beatles were no more original than their peers, as they bought into the psychedelic movement like others. But their music had more of a mainstream grab to it, fitting them for the general audience. Thus enabling them to be embraced more than others of their time. Other bands of their time and after offered an equal amount of and even more talent, soul and influence than they. They are the most over-rated and over-exposed band of all time, and will be for centuries to come, as there is a paradox through contemporary times that presents them as the greatest to have been. Their albums have gone stale through the century and the songs within them have become a cliche for choir classes, marching bands, high school/college students and older who claim they are "individuals" or "artists," and every magazine or book, especially Rolling Stone, that have named them in at least three spots on every top ten list they created. They are no better than any other great bands before and after the 60's. See also, Shakespeare.
The Beatles are the head of all hipsters.

The Beatles were no more passionate, soul driven or influential than Nirvana.
THE BEST BAND EVER! listen to helter skelter, come together, here comes the sun, get back or i will, and you'll like the beatles too.
Loser- John Lennon sucks, he should be shot. Oh yeah, he already was!

by Thebeatles June 24, 2007
so far from what i've read(from interviews, feature articles, etc.)

BEATLE FANS: marilyn manson; linkin park; coldplay; u2; radiohead; strokes; franz ferdinand; blink-182; kanye west; garbage (shirley manson: "they're like a collision of the stars"); white stripes; james blunt; robbie wiliams; oasis; jet; keane; carrie underwood; pearl jam; lemmy kilminster of motorhead; ozzy osbourne; robert plant; green day; simple plan; nirvana; offspring; ac/dc; judas priest; the clash; soundgarden; buzzcocks; the jam; chrissie hynde of the pretenders; sting; elvis costello;
andre 3000 of outkast;

BEATLE HATERS: metallica (kirk hammett: "i hated those candy assed girls"; though james hetfield named "yesterday" as one of his all-time fave songs); television; sex pistols; michael stipe of r.e.m. - "they're elevator music to me"; mike mills and peter buck are beatle fans); john mayer;
lennon: "the beatles? we're just a band that made it big..."
by ringoesq May 31, 2006
The Beatles were one of the most influential bands in the history of the universe. They truly helped to cultivate the music we hear today. They are one kick ass band. I love here comes the sun.
Some Tone-Deaf Kid: I hate the Beatles.

by Possibly Sane July 09, 2006
The best band in existence. Those who hate them have horrible music taste or have never given them a chance. I, a young middle schooler, can tell the difference between famous because they're good- and famous because they're good-looking even though theit looks didn't hurt much ;-)
guy 1: By Rubber Soul by the Beatles! NOW!
guy 2: ew, the Beatles?
guy 1: what do you listen to?
guy 2: lots of stuff...
guy 1: like what?
guy 2: you know.........rap
guy 1: ew, rap
guy 2: better than the Beatles
guy 1: NO! How many Beatles songs have you listened to?
guy 2: I dunno, 3?
guy 3: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, why guy 2? whyyy?

(actual conversation)
by kewlia March 16, 2006
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