What most people don't realize as the pioneers for all music today. Crappy new emo bands' fans may thing they are "gay", "old", or "over-rated," but they probably haven't even heard Day Tripper or I Saw Her Standing There. They changed the course for music everywhere, and are sometimes sadly forgotten.
emo kid: man, i don't see whats so great about the Beatles.
normal kid: go listen to them.
by Jessika Loves Lee February 28, 2006
The best band to ever be formed in the history of bands. I dont care what any of you who say they are "over rated" say because how would you know if you havent even litsened to any of their stuff? And no i dont mean "Love me Do" and stuff like that, i mean their really good stuff like off of Abbey Road. So before you go saying they are over rated, which they are NOT, actually litsen to some of their stuff. They were genoiuses. Litsen to the end of Abbey Road when it goes from Golden Slumbers into Carry That Weight into The End and litsen to the transitions and just the mind blowing genious...i dont think Slipknot could pull that off. So this is the end of my rant. All i wanted to say was that The Beatles are the best band EVER created. And all you people who say The Beatles are over rated, you can go to hell.
The Beatles- Oh my god we're the best band ever!


Some Loser- The Beatles are over rated and they suck!

Me- shut up...
by Jamie Dann May 16, 2006
the most influencial music group of all time. they sold the most albums and are the most popular band ever
controversial, hippy, high, peace-seeking.
their music changed the standards and was genius.
in the begining the beatles were cheeky as hell.

Question: Why do you think you're so popular?
John: It must be the weather.

Question: Do you like topless bathing suits?
Ringo: We've been wearing them for years.
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
A legendary band consisting of George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr(whose real name was Richard Starkey). Their music is well known and well liked.
I decided to listen to the Beatles today. It was a great decision.
by 88888888888888888 May 30, 2013
A 'revolutionary' band formed in 1960 that found great commercial and critical success. (Present day) it is considered a federal offense to claim that you do not consider them the best and last great thing to happen to the entirety of music. Regarding them as "meh", "okay" or "overrated" may result in, but is not limited to; severe berating/beating, vandalization of property, and/or having all you enjoy referred to as 'overrated'- regardless of its relevance to music; all punishments which may be delivered by hipsters, your parents/grandparents, the general public, etc...
John: The Beatles were okay, I just think they were a little overrated, y'know?

Hipster: (yelling) Hey everybody, this guy doesn't like The Beatles! I know, what the hell right!?

(Crowd starts to chant 'blasphemy!')

John's mother and father: Where did we go wrong!?

(John curls to a ball on the floor as he is showered with boot heels, fists and saliva)
by Ironicarm February 08, 2011
The best band that ever existed. The Beatles came from England,and took the world by storm with their amazing songs. The Beatles consisted of four men, George Harrison, Ringo Star, Paul MacCartney and the best man ever, John Lennon.Even though The Beatles are not together today, their music still is a lengend. This proves that The Beatles are the best band that ever exisited, and ever will be.
Some Songs that are by the Beatles
DayTripper, Let it Be, Yesterday, Something.
Just to name a few.
by Mildew December 30, 2005
A band that for some reason has been regarded as "The greatest rock band of all time." This is a false belief that is especially brought out by moden-day faggot hipsters that claim The Beatles "still influence the music culture and many other fronts of art in contemporary time." These people are usually young adults with a pretentious, smug attitude about themselves. The Beatles were no more original than their peers, as they bought into the psychedelic movement like others. But their music had more of a mainstream grab to it, fitting them for the general audience. Thus enabling them to be embraced more than others of their time. Other bands of their time and after offered an equal amount of and even more talent, soul and influence than they. They are the most over-rated and over-exposed band of all time, and will be for centuries to come, as there is a paradox through contemporary times that presents them as the greatest to have been. Their albums have gone stale through the century and the songs within them have become a cliche for choir classes, marching bands, high school/college students and older who claim they are "individuals" or "artists," and every magazine or book, especially Rolling Stone, that have named them in at least three spots on every top ten list they created. They are no better than any other great bands before and after the 60's. See also, Shakespeare.
The Beatles are the head of all hipsters.

The Beatles were no more passionate, soul driven or influential than Nirvana.

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