Considered the greatest pop/rock band ever and i could not agree more. With over one billion sales of records, cds or tapes they shall never be matched. Although when any one thinks of the beatles they think of John Lennon, I think of Paul McCartney he is the best of all four. He wrote the majority of there songs in the later era (1967-70).
Turn up 'i am the walrus', this song rocks!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
You cannot get better then The Beatles. They are by far the most influental and quality band.

Albums include:

Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan (Basically the earliest example. Them backing Tony Sheridan and not all that good)

Please Please Me (First album. Responsible for I Saw Her Standing There, their kick ass version of Twist & Shout, Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You)

With The Beatles (Second album)

A Hard Days Night (Third album. Went along with their first movie)

Beatles For Sale (Fourth album. Responsible for their big hit Eight Days A Week, Words Of Love, Matchbox, Slow Down and others)

Help! (Went along with their second movie of the same name. Responsible for Help!, Ticket To Ride and Yesterday)

Rubber Soul (Sixth album. They were beginning their drug period during this album. You will notice the Sitar beginning to show up from George as well as John apparently inhailing reefer during the song "Girl")

Revolver (Seventh album. This album is good. It is responsible for songs like Yellow Submarine, And Your Bird Can Sing, Taxman and others)

Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Part 2 of the group's evolution. Has a "Theme" to it. Very good album but highly over rated like Abby Road)

The Beatles AKA The White Album (This was the double set album. Called "The White Album" because of its cover. This is one of the best albums by the group.)

Yellow Submarine (Soundtrack to the animated movie with other songs thrown in)

Abby Road (THE last album. It was the last recorded even though Let It Be was the last released. The album is pretty good but it is over rated to the max.)

Let It Be (Last released but not last recorded. Not a very good album compared to the others. Probably because they were getting ready to disband during it and conditions are arguements were going on during it)
The Beatles are the best band ever. Hands down.
by 1069 August 16, 2005
The best band ever, not over-rated. The only people that don't like them are lame goths who like marilyn manson who sucks, sucks, sucks. All four of them were brilliant muscians, even though Paul Mccartney tries to take all the credit and doesnt even invite ringo on his tour while he sings all the beatles songs.
Ringo is the most talented beatle.
by Me!! November 22, 2003
I find it kinda offensive that you always seem to use Linkin Park fans as the ignorant ones whom think the Beatles suck. I'm a huge LP fan, though as big of a fan I may be, I still think The Beatles are easily going to outlast every other band out today for decades to come because of their sheer musical prowess and accessibility by many different types of people. Just because someone likes 'modern' music, doesn't mean they're ignorant...just keep that in mind. =)
Take a look upwards, maybe?
by Pikachu's Best Guiness October 08, 2004
Probably the most influental music act for the last century. Absolutely brilliant. All albums and songs deserve your attention. There is nothing more I can say that hasn't already been said.
A lot of people listen to The Beatles
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
Awesome rock band. Anybody who doesn't think so is wrong. I usually respect diffierent views, but in this case it's unexcusable. These 4 lads from Liverpool were a sensation that swept the world for 8 years(1962-1970). Their influence still lives on today. Without The Beatles, Rock just wouldn't be the same.
-Helter Skelter(1968)

Beatles Fan: The Beatles were one of the greatest bands of all time.
Shallow Teenager: No!!!
Beatles Fan snaps shallow teenager 's neck.
by rockgod122291 March 01, 2005
The band of bands. 'nuff said. They talk about them in the the book of ROCK. Chapter 1 verse 1. "And the god of rock said 'let there be kick ass brits to put an end to this elvis nonsense' and then he created the beatles...and it was good"
SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND is the greatest rock CD made by human hands.
by Sgt. Pepper May 10, 2005
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