Highly over-rated band. Everyone likes different music and the beatles were not the greatest band in history - a lot of people liked them but not everyone.
Jim: Hey man everything else sucks the beatles rule
Bob: Actually I quite like Abba instead
Jim's Gang: Wot did you say??? (about to kill him)
God: Leave Bob alone, we all have different tastes!
Jim: Okay, sorry God
by GRIMEY!! June 28, 2006
Rock Band from the 60's.
Impressed hoardes of fans, but their fame was enhanced by the media.
They may have been very influantial, but the fans on this site whe cite them as the most talented band ever are getting caught up in the frenzy. Most fans will pass this off as another teenager who thinks the beatles are oversated. However, any moron can listen to a band with TALENT that plays a similar style and hear the difference.
Beatles > moronic lyrics, on par with modern 'pop sensations' such as the backstreet boys (ok, not close to THAT bad)

Eagles > Equal or better playing talent, and 1000x better lyrics. If you like the beatles better, you are a TRENDWHORE or STUPID!
by pabl0 March 28, 2005
Before you start on me, i have heard some of the beatles' music, but i have to say, (with the exception of "hey jude") it hasnt excited me that much. they are over-rated, whatever anyone says, they are certainly not the best band ever. as for influential, i'd say bob dylan, led zepplin, van halen and iron maiden are more influential. i think the reason they were so popular in the 60's was that they were something new that no-one had really seen before. i do like "hey jude" though.
p.s.: i'm not a linkin park fan
by AcesPie March 04, 2005
Another band that NO ONE would have listened to if the retro thing wasen't "in". Now you have Slipknot fans listening to The Beatles. Its Sad, SAD I TELL YOU!
SlIpKnoT FaN: Teacher, a few days ago was the death of John Lennon..I don't think we should do work today.
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 21, 2005
A band who is really really over rated. Some songs are okay, but they're not that great. I'm tired of people telling me how influential they were. and I am not one of those linkin park fans either. I hate linkin park and modern rock, rap, hip hop, and other really bad music. I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, AC/DC, BTO, Foreigner, etc, but the Beatles are over rated.
-"The beatles are the greatest band and greatly influenced modern music"
-"no, they aren't, shut up"
by clark January 29, 2005
Horrible "rock" band. Overhyped by the media like todays pop music. No real talent, the music is lacking even the most simplistic of musical structures. Lyrics are repetitive and boring. Did not influence ANY modern music. This was often thought because of ignorance but the truth is modern rock and metal, punk, etc, were influenced by early african american blues and jazz artists. If anything the beatles were influenced by those blues and jazz artists. Really nothing special, just a band with the biggest fanboy base of any band ever. And they wouldn't exsist if they hadn't had this crap shoved down their throat before they got a chance to listen to real original music. I give the beatles a 1 out of 10 for originality, musical prowess, and lyrical ability. Go listen to something that actually sounds good instead of listening to this cookie cutter record company garbage that some sick individuals like to call music.
The Beatles truly suck. If you give this a thumbs down, you are a fanboy in denial of good music.
by ffhk1 November 20, 2005
The most over-rated band on Earth. Seen as kinda cute by chicks in the 60's b/c they wore matching clothes. But the media blew it all out of proportion. Now, the new generation is raised, blindly beleiving that the Beatles changed history, because it was beaten into them.
The Beatles suck
by Styrocen May 01, 2003

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