shit. They didn't invent music. They are shit.
Rowan: The beatles invented music.

Me: Stfu! They invented nothing. They're shit.
by aliceontoast May 24, 2010
Considered to be One of the greatest bands of all time.
While they are quite incredible, saying that they are the best band of all time is an opinionated statement. Not everyone likes them and their opinions should be respected.
Person: I don't care for the Beatles all that much

Beatles-head: OMG Y DNT U LIEK TEH BTLS???

Person: No...not really


Person: Fine. I respect your opinions, why can't you respect mine?
by Midnighters Crashing March 04, 2010
The beatles are the best band of all time, It is my favorite band ever. I mean, it's the only band I ever listen to. I'm probably listening to them right now.

The beatles are made up of 4 singers. They are john lennon paul mccarteney ringo starr and george harrison.

Some of they're most famous songs are let it be, yesterday, we can work it out, come together, here comes the sun, while my guitar gently weeps, strawberry fields forever, birthday, hey jude, love me do, etc.
If you don't like the beatles, you must die.
by DE EBIC February 28, 2011
One of the best Oasis cover bands of all time.
I love The Beatles's cover of "Hello, Goodbye"
by -Special ed- July 23, 2010
Technically speaking, the idiots above are somewhat correct. The Beatles were a middle man in influencing modern rock, albiet a very important middle man. Early blues musicians from America were the true influential backing for most of the 60's and 70's. BUT, the Beatles were the first band to truly take the bluesy sound and transform it into what we see as modern rock. you can even track this progression through their discography, each album growing more like rock, and with a more bluesy background. Now the persons above do not seem to realize just how pivotal a role this was. No one had ever before done anything like this. This paved the way for such groups as the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and the like. The Beatles music in general may be slightly overated (although i do not belive so) BUT the musical importance of it is in NO way overated, it was such an enormously pivotal role in the transition from early rock to what is now called modern rock it is hard to imagine what would be considered modern rock if fate had not brought together some of the most musically talented individuals the 60's, or the 20th century for that matter, saw.
Backwoods guitar to Blues to The Beatles to Rock, yes, evolution does in fact exist.
by Nathan Wilken October 08, 2007
Greatest musical act in history.

Anyone who denies this is probably an idiotic Stones fan and is in denial that is so strong that it'll probably lead to them being a mentally insane beasment dweller.

The Beatles are responsible for:

-Heavy Metal
-Psychedelic Rock
-Prog Rock
-Punk Rock
-Dance Trance music
-The backwards vocal
-The music video
-The Engineered Rock song
-And of course many more...

Thier success was unparralelled - 27 number ones, 1.3 billion records sold..

SGT peppers deemed greatest album IN HISTORY!!

"ffhk1" should be hung for his blasphomy.
The Beatles are on average 18% better than what ever bands you listen to. Jealousy is a cruel mistress...
by John Lennon Jr. January 26, 2011
Four of the biggest shaggers in history.
person 1: My grandma said she had sex with all for of the beatles back in '64
person 2: well duh.
by paul_mcsuckmydick December 05, 2010
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