an amazing band that only little fags that think 50 cent, eminem and akon are the best thing to happen to music tend to dislike. seen as overated by fans of cliff richard, the beach boys and american faggot bands that tend to moan about how there so called tears "crash" as they hit some random object.
person 1 "the beatles are overated"
*person to puts bag over person 1s head)
person2 "oh sorry you semed to have some shit coming out of your mouth"
by fourway March 16, 2010
The best band to ever walk earth.After I heard one song or theirs I realised that this is the best band Ill ever listen to.Sad that other people cant appreciate their music.Its all I ever listen to now.Even though Im only 14 I can say The Beatles are the best band ever.
The Beatles is the best band you'll ever listen to.If you dont think so...well we'll let John and George take care of you.
by I'msotired February 17, 2010
Obla Dee, Obla Da, Lets have sex.
Guy: I love the Beatles.
Girl: Want to have sex?
by Serbius April 23, 2009
another definition for a group of GODS
i worship the
by peacekeepuh November 13, 2008
An unbelievable band that I discovered as a young musician. I own The Beatles reamastered in mono and several of their actual records released by Capitol during the sixties. I've seen two of their movies, Help! and A Hard Days Night and always laugh at their constant bicker on and off the camera.
Guy 1: I love the Beatles!
Guy 2: yeah me too!
Guy 1: really? what's you're favourite song?
Guy 2: Yellow Submarine
Guy 1: I can no longer talk to you
by AbbeyRoadq1969 November 28, 2011
A band throughout the sixties that became very famous and very well known, sparking Beatlemania all over the world, otherwise known as: The Shit, Gods, Fucking Crazy, Trippin Balls.
John The Scene Kid + Tim the Metalhead: The Beatles Suck!

Joe the Hipster: They're totally alright, lets go drink herbal tea.

Bill The Beatles Fan: They're the best band ever! They rock!

James The Neutral Dude: They had great songwriting, John was a great singer, George was a great guitarist, and they were really good for the era they were in. But, their movies weren't that funny.
by WtfAnEffingWolf September 27, 2009
The awesomest band in the world. Composed of John Lennon, Pal McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr (whose real name is Richard Starkey, if you didn't know). Unfortunately, they broke up. Would John Lennon still be living if they hadn't broke up? Something to ponder...

FYI, I'm thirteen, and I appreciate The Beatles.
I love that The Beatles music..
by dotnosedgirl April 05, 2011
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