What can you say about the best band in the history of the everything? There were "one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music", (Wikipedia) but they were more than that. They inspired people everywhere with messages to "Let it Be" and "Work it out". From 1962, the band consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
They all played a variety of instruments. Depending on the tone and beat of the song, either Paul or John would usually sing. The faster beat songs were generally John, and the slower, lovey songs were usually Paul. Some songs included the harmonica (played by John), so Paul usually sang those, but occasionally John would switch between vocals and harmonica, like in "I Should Have Known Better". George and Ringo had their share of songs, too. I think George's most famous song is "Here comes the Sun" and Ringo's most well-known is "Yellow Submarine".

The Beatles acted in two movies, chronologically, "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help". They performed select songs in both.

The world died a little inside when the Beatles disbanded in 1970. They all started solo careers; Paul starting Wings with his wife Lynda.

John was killed in 1980 by Mark David Chapman in front of his home, the Dakota, in New York; George died in 2001 from cancer. Paul and Ringo are still living to this day. Some people say that they're dying in order of talent, but I say that they each played a special and necessary part in the Beatles and were all equally influential in changing the world.

I love the Beatles. I'm just going to say that straight out right now, if you haven't already realized that. The Beatles changed the world with their influence. Beatles forever - Strawberry Fields Forever!
by EmmaLouLove April 11, 2011
Obla Dee, Obla Da, Lets have sex.
Guy: I love the Beatles.
Girl: Want to have sex?
by Serbius April 23, 2009
The beatles or (Sgt Peppers lonly Hearts) are one of the the best 'rock and roll' bands in the world. The Revolutionised rock today.
From the Beatles to Wolf Mother thier is alot of diffrence in the rock music we play today then we did in the 60's, 70's and 80's
by Nick Hogg January 07, 2007
Greatest Band Ever.
Fronted by John Lennon (or Paul McCartney, depending on who you ask.)
Came about in 1960 or so, switching drummers til they picked up Ringo Starr.
Usually insulted by today's ignorant youth. The same ignorant ones that say Linkin Park are musical gods. Pfft.
Guy 1: The Beatles are the best band ever!
Guy 2: I like the White Album!
Guy 3: They suck!
*Guy 1 and 2 kick the crap out of Guy 3*
by SuperSonicX August 19, 2004
A cultural phenomenon of the 20th century in the form of a band that arose to prominence due to the fact that the preexisting music scene left much to be desired.

Some of the earlier Beatles tracks have not aged all that well, but they had an enormous impact on youth culture and some of their tracks endure today as timeless classics. They are often hyped as SIMPLY THE BEST thing in the history of the universe, much like the music equivalent of Breaking Bad, as a result modern young people end up viewing their music as somewhat overrated due to the absence of the mystique and cultural context that surrounded its release.

Two of them are no longer alive, one narrates Thomas the Tank Engine and the other is Paul McCartney
"If the Beatles were around today, they probably wouldn't be nearly as successful" - Historian studying the cultural impact of the

"BLASPHEMY, DEATH TO THE UNBELIEVER" - Numerous nostalgic Beatles fans.
by Anonopoly January 15, 2016
An awesome band that formed in the 1950's and gained stardom in the 60's. Beatlemania still lives on.
Person 1: What band is that awesome song by?
Person 2: That's the Beatles.
by Idkwhattoputforaname August 06, 2015
The beatles are one of the most influential bands in the world. The band consists of 4 members, john lennon, paul mccartney, ringo starr and george harrison.
"I just bought The beatles' sgt peppers lonely hearts club band. it's pretty sick!"
by Jasd543 April 10, 2015

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