well for one ringos not dead the only two who are dead are john lennon and george harrison. may they rest in peace.
"If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that ... I believe in what I do, and I'll say it."-John Lennon
by BeatleFreak June 23, 2005
A band originated in Liverpool, UK. From performing in clubs in Germany to worldwide tours and concert, The Beatles are considered to be one of the best and most influential band in rock and roll and music history.

Members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and last but not least, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)
Guy#1: So what band do you listen to the most?
Guy#2: Two words: The Beatles
Guy#1: You have great taste of music, dude!
Guy#3: I never heard of their songs before
Guy#2: You have a boring life. Here's 20 bucks so you can get yourself one of their album
by Ninja T!mothy March 28, 2010
One of the best bands in history. The Beatles went through every phase possible for a rock band to go through and have become the quintessential rock band. The started out by creating some very popular music that made them the most popular band in the world. Then, once they had obtained popularity, the Beatles started to experiment in folk music around the mid 1960s. They started to get into drugs that generated the psychadelic sound they had in the years 1965-1967. They then started to get off drugs, but still retained the experimentation that they had during the drugs era. They final two years that the Beatles together was filled with feuding between the band members. They ended up generating 11 albums worth of material and compiling more no 1 singles then any band ever. Every album they created is considered a classic in its own right, and they have become the highest selling recorded musical group in history. Many bands that came after the Beatles cite them as a major influence, such as Led Zeppelin, Elton John, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and many more.
Paul McCartney on Beatles Music: "We always tried to make the music of The Beatles bigger, faster, longer, and better."
by gray man January 03, 2010
The 1960s band which basically invented modern music.

Originally the 1960s equivalent of a "boy band" which frequently covered existing 1950s and early 1960s rock songs (they were once rejected by a major record label named Decca), The Beatles became so popular that they stopped touring after they could not handle the screaming fangirls.

Many people feel that this refusal to tour was instead a decision to concentrate on music which (back then) could only be produced using the studio. The Beatles then did many amazing things in the studio, which basically invented modern music. They also were key hippie figures in the drug counterculture.

A popular urban legend developed around the band, where bassist Paul McCartney was replaced by an impostor, which manifested itself in clues present in artwork and songs. (A similar conspiracy theory developed later regarding the supposed secret replacement of Pope Paul VI with an impostor.)

The Beatles broke up in 1969, with the last album being released in 1970. Key factors behind this were business issues behind Apple Records (then the 1960s equivalent of an "indie record label") and arguments between the songwriters Paul McCartney and John Lennon, especially regarding Lennon's love interest Yoko Ono.

A minority of people consider the Beatles to lack musical talent, and instead having more talent with "behind-the-scenes" stuff which was cutting-edge at the time.
Regardless of this debate, the Beatles did invent modern music, and because of this are appreciated to this day and probably for many future generations as well.
The Beatles rock!
by TheSixthBeatle July 06, 2009
The Beatles = greatest rock band of all time. You don't need to trash other recording artists (even if they kinda deserve it) in order to recognize this.
Masters of a polished, melodic, harmonic, often trippy/psychedelic sound.
Developed into highly-artistic concepts in their later years
Many other rock bands are great in their own ways (I particularly like Led Zeppelin's sound as well), and other genres have their own accomplishments, but there will be another one like the Fab Four.
Sgt. Peper wasn't even The Beatles ' only Great Art, and pretty much all of the songs from all of the albums are amazing anyways.
by RoyalJester April 06, 2010
A great band;

2.Posers enjoy this band a lot, too....
2.Hey, Kayla, I watched Across the Universe last night! I loved Hey Jude. The Beatles are great. I loved... uhh... what's his name?
by Fu..ck... July 23, 2008
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