The beatles are a very well known shitty band coming from liverpool. They are called "the most inspiring" band in the world when really they were just a jonas brother band on the 1960's. The music requires no talent at all. Even a child in the mother's womb could play it. The guitar is tuned as high as it can go and the drum kit is narrowed down to a two piece kit. The beatles should be called the most inspiring band in the world they should be called the most shittyest band in the world.
"hey joe listen to this song its so heavy. What are you talking about billy this is the beatles this sounds like little kids music.
by Mcofficernasty April 05, 2011
An awesome, kick-ass band consisting of 4 British guys by the names of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

What makes these guys so awesome is that they made some of, if not, the most influential and iconic music in history such as Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, etc etc.

What disappoints me is...their popularity. They're so popular that people go around saying they're Beatles fans, when they only know 2-5 fucking songs by them. C'mon people, actually listen to them before making yourself look like retards and saying you're a fan of the Beatles to an ACTUAL Beatles fan, then getting punched in the face for saying that.

To identify a Beatles "fan", they'd only listen to the Beatles most popular music rather than their lesser known songs, which to me is better than their more popular songs. An actual Beatles fan would know 30-50 songs by the Beatles and would know almost a shitload of songs by them, even their lesser known songs. Also, the "fan" would have Beatles merchandise, which to me, is a way of saying that you're a poser Beatles fan, because you WANT and HAVE to let people know you're a Beatles "fan". However, with the actual Beatles fan, all people need to know that the actual fan likes the Beatles is the 30-50 songs they have on their iPod.

So basically what I'm saying is, I hate poser Beatles fans. And to those who only have 2-5 Beatles songs on your iPod, you're not a Beatles fan, you just know their music.
Beatles "fan": Do you like the Beatles?

ACTUAL Beatles fan: Oh my God, of course! What songs do you like by them?

Beatles "Fan": *shows iPod containing only 2-5 songs by them*

Actual Beatles fan: No. *walks away*
by The Bass Mastaaa March 13, 2010
A band that promoted peace and love whose modern day fans ironically are hateful and aggressive towards non Beatles lovers.
Person- I dont like the Beatles

by oyaisaidit September 28, 2009
A band from Liverpool,England in the 1960s and John Lennon Name the band (The Beatles) and they have so many good songs that I like and people today really don't like them but they are good!I can't wonder why they are not like because they are old but they are good! John Lennon got shot in 1980 by a dude that was crazy in new york (i think).
Hey Jude,I wanna Hold Your Hand,Yellow Submarine,Revolution is my fav songs and I think their best songs at all of the Beatles songs

R.I.P. John Lennon (1940-1980)
they were the best band in the world!!
Best Rock N' Roll Band ever!!
by hillbill October 26, 2006
The best band their has ever been, and probably ever will be.
The Beatles were extremlely innovative and influential on music and society, unlike 80% of the over manufactured shit thats called music today that WILL be forgotten in 10 years, The Beatles still remain a household name more than 40 years after ther initial success.
retard- the beatles are boring and old
smart person- you deserve to be thrown into a giant blender
by jaaaaaade May 16, 2008
The best band to ever grace this Earth.

you who haven't heard them, go buy Abbey Road or Magical Mystery Tour. your ears will have many orgasms.
Paul, John, George, and Ringo made up The Beatles!!!
We love you!
by keeeeeeeeli May 08, 2008
The best band in the history of the world. Bigger than Jesus.
There should be a religion based on the Beatles
by Conley November 10, 2007

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