Same as said above, only before they were famous, they were called "The Silver Beatles". That didn't go well once they were noticed, so they shortened it =)
(Not to be a know-it-all, but my dad grew up with 'em and has a book on them =)
Must I make a sentence that would not mean anything because you know it's already stated in the above noted?
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf July 09, 2004
I think that it's sad, the way that people react nowadays to the Beatles. They were truly revolutionary, and few people seem to realize this. Abbey Road is my favorite album of all time. I haven't had this beaten into me. I found it out for myself. The Beatles rock.
They say they're dying in order of talent. Heh...Ringo will live forever! Just kidding.

It's been long enough, John. Why haven't you come back yet?
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
Considered to be the greatest rock and roll band ever. Changed the face of music as we know it.
"The Beatles are the Motzart of Rock and Roll."
by Buster Nuttem March 13, 2003
The Beatles are the best band EVER. For those who hate them and are obsessed with the new crap, the Beatles had 27, yes 27, number one hits. That's probably more than any of the guys you Beatle-haters (the worst word I can think of on the face of this planet) listen to will put up COMBINED in their careers. Beat it, Beatle-haters (it pains me to say it) and go listen to your wannabe crap music. The Beatles never get obnoxious or blow people's ears out with relentless screaming.
The Beatles take all crappy musicians out behind the woodshed and beat them with their instruments. All of their songs are good and never get obnoxious. I'd have a hard time picking good songs because there are so many good ones!
by The Volkswagen Beatle November 19, 2004
the greatst band of all time, even today they still mean something to the word of music
the beatles are awesome
by grundle October 17, 2003
the most awesome band ever and whoever thinks they suck is a damn whore
by GONNA KICK ASS June 19, 2003
Only the most awesome band of all time.
I love the Beatles!
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
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